10 Easy Ways To Beat The Heat

10 Easy Ways To Beat The Heat

10 Easy Ways To Beat The Heat The hottest month of the year, “June”, is here with the mercury already rising above normal levels. This heat is only going to increase with each passing day. In Delhi temperature is gone up to 45-degree celsius. Maintaining good health and being careful is a must or else we are sure to fall prey to a host of summer ailments like skin allergies, chickenpox, fever, stomach infections, etc.

Summers in India can be real-time for us. The strength of the body is lost during this period due to increasing temperature. People feel extremely tired and exhausted during the summer season due to extensive heat rays of the sun and the body becoming dehydrated. For people who have to spend hours commuting every day for work, summers can be really nightmarish. Summer is the season for bacteria and viruses to attack our bodies because the immunity is really low. A few changes in lifestyle are a must to maintain your body temperature and stay fit.

10 easy ways to beat the heat
10 easy ways to beat the heat

Here are 10 easy ways to beat the heat-


First of all make changes in your food habits because your behavior is affected by your eating patterns. Perishable food items are stored in the refrigerator to avoid bacterial growth and prevent spoiling. Avoid foods that increase heat in your body. Extremely spicy food and street foods should be completely avoided because these foods are exposed to sunlight and are kept in high temperature. Consuming them will leave you with an upset stomach or diarrhea. Make sure you eat freshly cooked food at home. The staler the food the more bacteria are bound to hit your body.

2. Drink Water

Summer is the best time to indulge in fresh fruits, fruit juices, and milkshakes. Make sure you keep your body dehydrated by drinking enough water. The best way is to have ample water as well as juices that complement and suite your body type. Coconut water, watermelon, orange and lime juices are some of the best thirst quenchers and help to maintain the salt levels. Beside summer, it is another reason to indulge in a variety of drinks.

3. Mango – King of fruits

Summer is the season of the king of fruits ‘Mango’. Make sure you keep mangoes in water or refrigerator for a while before consuming it. This reduces the heat of the fruit. You can also experiment with mango preparations. Mango milkshakes, ice- creams, mango salads and mango sweets etc. are varieties that you can consume alternatively.

4. Ice Creams

Ice Creams are the refreshment that can leave you feeling and cooler. There are a variety of flavors available in this purely ice-refreshment drenched with flavoured juices and colors and salt. But again you have to be very careful about the source of ice and the colors used in the preparation.

5. Take a cool shower

Get wet! Take a cool shower or bath. Wet your hair. Fill a basin with water and sit your feet in it. Go swimming in a pool. Use a wet cloth to keep your skin cool. Put a wet bandana around your neck. Fill a spray bottle or squint gun with water and sprinkle over yourself. Run cool or cold tap water on the inside of your wrists.

6. Go to Gym

Maintain your diet regime properly. If you work out or go to the gym for regular and rigorous training then try having an early morning or late evening workout session because during the day you will be more exposed to the sunlight and workout during this hour can lead to dehydration. When you are busy working, ensure that you have your meals on time or else you will lose energy. Do not skip a single meal. Supplement your meal with juice. Since your body tends to get very soon in summers you really need to take proper rest. Plan your day well and avoid going out unless it is necessary.

7. Go for early morning walk
Go for walks only in the evenings/early mornings and indulge in indoor activities that interest you. You can only stay healthy when both your mind rests in a healthy body’. So with your body make sure that your mind is also calm.Try to remain calm by indulging in activities that calm you. Take a walk with your partner or just chat with your school friends or go for normal outing to your favourite place.

8. Wear clothes and cover your face too

Another measure that you need to take is avoiding direct sunlight. Stay indoors as much as possible. Exposure to direct sunlight increases the heat index, so that your body may experience temperatures even higher than the air temperature. If you must go outdoors, go in the morning or evening. Wear clothes and cover your face too. A hat, stole or a cap should be kept handy.

9. Apply Sunscreen

Use a sunscreen, before stepping out of the house. Apply sunscreen of 15 SPF or above 20 minutes before you step out of the house and even if you stay indoors apply it. Reapply it every three to four hours or depending on how much you sweat. Wear light-colored cotton clothes. Have a summer make-over for yourself. Go and shop for your wardrobe. Buy stuff that’s only summer special. Light-weight, loose-fitting cotton clothing should be worn. It is better to wear a shirt with long sleeves and a collar to prevent any exposure.

10. Try the yoga practice of pranayama

Try the yoga practice of pranayama. So down cross-legged and take a few deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly. Roll your tongue into a tube with the tip outside the mouth. Continuing slow deep breath, breathe in through the tube and then move your chin to your chest as you breathe out through your nose. Do that 5-10 times and you should start to feel cooler.

Summers can be fun if you take care of yourself. 10 Easy Ways To Beat The Heat. It’s only then that you can enjoy the hot months by indulging in everything that you usually don’t do. Protect yourself and enjoy the summer.

Barkha Verma

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