5 hidden destinations for spiritual Yoga in India

5 hidden destinations for spiritual Yoga in India

5 hidden destinations for spiritual Yoga in India. A yogic wanderlust may never cease and rightfully so. Yoga is the means to condition the spirit to Enjoy the true beauty of our planet. With such a plethora of natural scenery, Mother earth offers in abundance to feed the yogic spirit. In truth, the ideal destination for a seeker or practitioner of yoga to satisfy his spirit is none other than the great Himalayas. It is the source of this ocean of knowledge that is Yoga. The Himalayas are a representation of Mother nature’s serenity, beauty, ferocity, abundance, and megalith scale all packaged into one. The senses are not left wanting once you tread upon this yogic journey through the mountains of spiritual wealth.

spiritual yoga in India
spiritual yoga in India

Here are 5 hidden destinations for spiritual yoga in India-

1) Chandra Tal Lake – From its crescent shape, this glorious lake acquires its befitting name. It is a channel for artistic energy to flow through you. Not only is it visually invigorating but it also strongly inspires the artistic senses which are controlled by the “Chandra Nadi” or moon channel of your body. Its crystal-clear waters reflect the tremendous mountains that flank it. Nestled on a plateau at 14,000 ft above sea level. you will find yourself in a place that nurtures self-discovery Perform the Chandra Namaskar in this ideal environment and allow your body and mind to absorb all the energy this serene lake has to offer.

2) Vyasa Muni Cave (Rohtang pass ) – Amidst the adventure and thrill offerings of Rohtang pass is a secluded little man-made cave, an igloo of sorts. So demure and almost veiled by the activity nearby, is the sanctum of penance performed for twelve long years by the great sage Vyasa before he descended from this unforgiving terrain to bless the world with epics such as the Mahabharata. Within this temple is the origin of a humble stream that ultimate gushes down as the mighty Vyas river that runs throughout the Manali and Kullu belts. The perfect gift for the meditative spirit. There are no restrictions on the amount of time you can spend in meditation and self-exploration in this divine and blessed spot atop the mountains. Practice your asanas and pranayama and let the world’s most coveted air fill your lungs giving you new life.

3) Serolsar lake (Jalori pass) – After an hour and a half’s worth trek through jagged rocks, cliff edges over a pathway steeped in slippery foliage, you will find your vision opening out into an unbelievable oasis. A hidden lake atop a plateau surrounded by the very mountains you conquered Serolsar lake, its mystic waters hide within it’s uncertain depths an ancient tale of great sages and goddesses whose presence can even now be felt. With but a few hill folk to worship its protecting deity, this lonely lake is cared for by little sparrows that pick at the flowers and fruit that are offered in prayer. You will find yourself in what seems to be an alternate reality, one of power and peace woven together. The perfect environment for your meditation and pranayama techniques to work wonders on your mind, body, and spirit.

4) Hadimba caves – Nestled within the typical temple architecture of the Himalayan region is an energy powerhouse. A cave where a celestial being once stood offering prayers in her years of penance. The Hadimba caves are a must-see and a place for deep meditation. The history of this personality is one to surely nourish your knowledge with.

5) Vashisht temple – A beautiful temple dedicated to the great sage Vasisht is merely the forefront of an unbelievable phenomenon: – Natural geysers. The temple houses natural spring water which is heated by geothermal energy within in the great mountains. These waters are said to have unimaginable curative properties and a nice hot dip in these chilly mountains will definitely do you some good. It is both historically and naturally an enchanting place. Practice Vasisht aasan in this befitting space and allow the energy to flood through your system.

Always be prepared to be overwhelmed by these pristine mountains. Every obstacle is an opportunity and it is the best place to teach us that nothing ever comes easy and that which we work so hard to achieve is always much more rewarding. Every trek, every climb, every struggle that you peril through here will surely be rewarded with unimaginable scenic beauty. A sight for the eyes and a feast for the spirit. Find your soul space in the Himalayas the next time your yoga journey gets you packing again

Barkha Verma

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