5 Yoga poses for women to reduce anxiety in COVID 19

5 Yoga poses for women to reduce anxiety in COVID 19

Girls now feel stressed apparently. Afterward, we’ve got you covered.
It’s been around a year and Coronavirus cases nevertheless continue to innovate in India. However, girls are at greater risk of getting stress because they must strike a work-life balance, which may be stressful. Being at home, they must serve their 9-6 responsibility to their own work, consider of their kids and be an effective homemaker in exactly the exact same.

This monumental pressure can leave them tired, nervous, stressed, angry, depressed, angry, frustrated, and lonely. In the end, coping with at-risk relatives or members, being in quarantine, a roller-coaster market, attempting to juggle a job, keeping kids busy or while schools have been shut, or only adjusting to a new, unknown scenario can negatively affect a woman’s bodily and psychological well-being. Even boredom strikes throughout the lockdown as we’re stuck in the home.

How yoga can be helpful?

Yoga can assist in making a balance between the body and mind. There are particular yoga poses that can suppress anxiety and you’ll have the ability to remain stress-free. Not only that but will also allow you to maintain your mental health in check. So, below are a few yoga poses for girls to lessen COVID 19 stress shown by Dr. Shreya Singh, Advisor – Physiotherapist & Mental Health Specialist, Motherhood Hospital, Kharghar.

Bridge pose

Also called setu bandhasana can improve blood flow within the body. Additionally, it opens the front of the backbone and heart, that further assists in calming the brain, reducing stress and anxiety.


Can breathing techniques improve your mental health?

It aids in boosting the right breathing technique. By breathing in a right manner, the oxygen supply to the brain and blood vessels will grow. It alleviates asthma symptoms, reduces anxiety, nervousness and raises mental strength. It aids in leading a wholesome life.

Camel pose

Ustarasana assists in releasing pressure and improves blood flow in your system. Increased blood flow contributes to a fantastic source of oxygen, which is relaxing to your body and mind.

Butterfly pose

This is a straightforward and fundamental yoga position which could help you extend your inner thighs as well as groin. You have to perform this asana when maintaining your spine erect and it helps in managing tension, nervousness and can cool off your body.

Cow Pose

Doing so pose will be able to help you tackle stress, anxiety, strengthen the spine and gut organs and it can permit you to extend the torso and neck too.

Takeaway message

Don’t forget to perform these yoga poses under the advice of your yoga teacher. Don’t do these presents without your physician’s knowledge. Quit doing them in the event you encounter pain.

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