7 decorating ideas for Janmashtami

7 decorating ideas for Janmashtami

Janmashtami is the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna, who is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna was born at the midnight on the ashtami in the month of Shravana according to the Hindu calendar and so this auspicious day is called as “Janmashtami”.

The festival is celebrated with high spirits and goes on for two days, where the devotees of Krishna pray and fast for the entire day and night and worship him by singing about his naughty adventures and listening to the tales and devotional songs.

The idol of the lord is decorated elaborately before the actual celebration takes place. It involves decoration of the pooja room or temple, Lord Krishna’s idol, his cradle (palna) with beautiful and attractive decorative pieces and flowers.

As the word signifies “Janmashtami” means celebrating the birth of Bal Gopal, so we will start with decorating ideas of Bal Gopal. Here are 7 decorating ideas for Janmashtami:-


1. Outfits: Lord Krishna was always seen in beautiful shimmer clothes which were long and spread across a large space. So select bright outfits with all shimmery material and borders. Choose some really bright colours like Green and Red as these colours hold spiritual significance and are considered auspicious in Hinduism.

2. Ornaments & Jewel: Accessorize the outfit and the idol with some interesting accessories and jewellery like neckpieces, kadas, bajubandh, rings etc.

3. Flute: Lord Krishna was always seen with his flute. It is believed that this melodies flute of Lord Krishna removes all the negatives around. Place a beautiful flute with the idol of Bal Gopal on Janmashtami to add to the charm and also to produce positive and soothing effects.

4. Singhasan: Singhasan is the royal seat, where the idol of Bal Gopal is placed. Most of the temples and houses decorate the singhasan. To maintain the richness of singhasan choose fabric with brocade and shimmery base for the seat. Singhasan with a metal frame looks attractive. You can also decorate the sideswith beaded and zardozi borders.

5. Flowers: Flowers are the best way of decorating any surrounding. The temples and pooja room are generally decorated with real flowers. Marigold, orchids and rose flowers are just perfect as these add a bright tone to the ambience.

6. Chowki: One of the most common items used for decoration for Janmashtami is Chowki. It’s a beautiful and graceful pose of Lord Krishna playing his flute sitting on a chowki. So don’t skip to decorate the beautiful chowki on this auspicious occasion. You can use some chunri print cloth or beautifully printed fabric with some laces and other embellishments to decorate. This will make it more attractive and colourful.

7. Swing: The decoration of Lord Krishna is incomplete without his symbolic Jhula. It is considered as the custom to place the Lord over the swing. Decorate the swing with fresh and natural flowers with some hangings to look attractive.

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