7 Things You Should Do in a lifetime There’re Ultimate Travel List

7 Things You Should Do in a lifetime There’re Ultimate Travel List

Life is too short to replicate the experiences!  You will find abundant life-changing experiences in the entire wide world.  Some areas are magically mesmerising, some areas are amazing vintage cities and a number of them are completely stunning.All you need to do is select a place that wakes up the caterer from you.  Nowadays, we bring a journey bucket list of things you should definitely perform in a life.

1. Northern Lights in Norway

Among the most stunning all-natural phenomena across the world, the northern lights have spell-bounded people for ages.  These pale green and glowing pink dancing lights sprinkled across the clouds are caused by crashing between electrically charged particles from the sun that go into the earth’s atmosphere which are observed above the magnetic poles of the northern hemisphere and southern hemispheres. 

2. Road Trip in Lauterbrunnen

This gorgeous destination is nestled directly in the middle of Switzerland one of the magnificent famed Swiss Alps.  Surrounded by the fairly glacier waterfalls, hiking trails and quaint villages, Lauterbrunnen is a thrill-seeking destination for each and every road tripper.  Inspired by iconic mountains like Jungfrau and villages such as Wengen, this place is an ideal place to go for a relaxing and relaxing experience.  This valley is a must-visit for any road-trip enthusiast. 

3. Coin Trevi fountain in Italy

Huge numbers of people throw coins in the Trevi Fountain, wanting to find luck, money and love.  Approximately $4,000 are pitched daily into the fountain.  Among the biggest traditions in Italy would be to throw a coin into the Trevi fountain which was supposed to guarantee good health and it guarantees you will return to Rome again 1 day.  

4. Click Selfie On A Eiffel Tower

As soon as we decide to visit any location with our cherished, the very first place that springs to mind is Eiffel Tower in Paris.  Known as the symbol of love, this breath-taking place attracts numerous tourists across the world.    It is a real goal to drink a glass of champagne and click a selfie on top of the tower, from where one can admire the cityscape for kilometers on a transparent day or night. 

5. Backwaters Stretch in Kerala

The Kerala backwater stretch is among the most serene tourist destinations across the world where you can soak in nature in its best form.  The picturesque Kerala backwaters comprises of tranquil stretches of canals and lakes around the shore of the Arabian Sea.  Called the Venice of the East, Alleppy is famous for its houseboat cruises which is a once in a lifetime adventure.   

6. Overwater bungalows at Bora Bora

Among the most synonymous destinations for your honeymoon couples, Bora Bora is one of the most lavish options for people who adore islands.  This destination has luxurious resorts with overwater bungalows with crystal clear lagoons, making Bora Bora among the most gorgeous islands on the planet.     

7. Air Balloon Ride in New Zealand

All of us wanted to have a superpower of being able to fly in the sky as a young child, but sadly that is not feasible.  However, we do have an alternate to make this day-dream come true.  A truly magical experience, the hot air balloon ride at New Zealand delivers stunning landscape while drifting across the heavens. 

Barkha Verma

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