AIPL Aids Daily Wage Workers and Street Dogs Fighting COVID-19

AIPL Aids Daily Wage Workers and Street Dogs Fighting COVID-19

Limited (AIPL) is giving the poor a ray of light, crushed under the weight of the global crisis. As part of its CSR operation, AIPL is taking relief steps for the migrant population, working as a day-to-day wage worker in cities that are currently unemployed and helpless. AIPL is also concentrating its attention on voiceless street dogs.

Rations are issued to over five hundred individuals, and this group feeds over three hundred stray dogs on a regular basis. Langars are distributed through various locations for the migrant community in the cities. In addition, ten days of ration, including wheat flour, rice, pulses, oil, salt and other required products, is given to the migrant population and to anyone else in need within and outside the region, as instructed by the authorities.

Along with the Indian government, which is taking all the required measures to stop the massive spread of coronary virus, real estate developers are also doing their bit to help keep the community safe, one step at a time. Through completely complying with the government’s and other competent authorities ‘alerts, organisations, including AIPL, are making every effort to assist the government in its efforts to control the spread of the deadly virus.

Mr. Pankaj Pal, President – Business Development & Strategy, AIPL┬ásaid, “The AIPL has always stood by the nation and its important partners in their hour of need, and will continue to do so in the future. In an effort to bring these words into practice, we have extended our assistance to all construction workers across all of our sites. The shutdown will certainly test our patience and our stamina limits, but it will particularly hit the underprivileged. Through a wide range of welfare measures, we hope to help and successfully get this class of people out of the crisis and ultimately help India in its fight against COVID-19. We hope that this project will further inspire others to come forward and join us in this noble endeavor.”

In addition to caring for the migrant community and those in need, AIPL is taking care of the health of its workers stuck at various AIPL project sites due to the ongoing lockdown. In order to protect and preserve the safety of employees, gloves and masks are routinely issued to staff. Any workers diagnosed with any signs of COVID-19 shall be sent for an urgent medical check-up.

In order to cope more effectively with this problem, awareness-raising plans are in place, housekeeping workers training sessions on the effects of routine cleaning or sanitization and their health. Dedicated apartments or areas are often offered to the staff with full accommodation facilities and kitchen facilities by offering daily rations to keep the staff happy. In addition to rations, the langar facility is also provided for the benefit of on-site staff.

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