‘Bake’ the world a better Place- Little Miss Muffet

‘Bake’ the world a better Place- Little Miss Muffet
Udyam Trust hosted a unique class for children at Little Miss Muffet
Udyam Trust hosted a unique class for children at Little Miss Muffet

Delhi, 26th July 2019, Friday: Little Miss Muffet is a lovely European Cafe Cum Bakery recently opened in Saket, the MGF Mall. Little Miss Muffet is one of Academy + Cafe + Bakery’s first of its kind idea. They make sure you don’t just leave the class with a couple of recipes, but with a new-found love of baking, ingredients, and a willingness to grow.

On July 26, 2019, Udyam Trust hosted a unique class for children at Little Miss Muffet. The children learned how to create cakesicles and pop cakes. They learned from scratch how to do it. They were looking forward to breaking the monotony and learning something fresh. After their Baking session at Little Miss Muffet, the children had a lovely dinner. By giving them a notebook, stationery kit, and chocolates, the Little Miss Muffet team acknowledges their presence. They think “it’s not the gift that counts, it’s the thinking that counts.”

The Little Miss Muffet team thinks that while education, sports, and fine arts are all aimed at supporting the development and growth of a child. Little Miss Muffet thought of working through Culinary Arts to empower underprivileged children as it gives them breathing space from all the other essential activities and helps them develop their skills. Little Miss Muffet attempted to restore the right to childhood and help the growth of a child by baking. The team said, “Baking is an art that should be available to everyone with minimal ingredients; you should bake as if you were baking at home. This is a distinct kind of education; educating the mind is not education at all without educating the heart”.

The team of Little Miss Muffet commented “This is a nice way to bond with all of us after a lengthy day of hard work, but also a great chance for all employees of Little Miss Muffet. The day was packed with love and laughter and fun. The happiness on these children’s faces was palpable. They’d go on and try to create a perfect cake pop ball. For us, it was a pleasant learning experience; we learned that it is not necessary to teach compassion for others and to treat those around us with kindness. It is often taught by model behavior and comes to many children naturally. But there are many children’s activities that promote a’ kindness mindset’ further. By raising the consciousness of circumstances that require compassion and empathy, kids will start to see others with a more comprehensive lens.”

Barkha Verma

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