Visiting new regions, interacting with new people, trekking on the heights, looking at a separate culture, the taste of new places is really a pleasant experience that can only be experienced by the traveler. It will surely make you feel like you’re living in a real globe. Blogging on travel is not simple, but it is adventurous and exciting. Travel bloggers encourage individuals to travel and share understanding and experience in distinct locations. They enjoy exploring fresh areas and an intriguing destination for individuals to travel. Here are some of India’s best travel bloggers.

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1. LAKSHMI SHARATH (travelwithlakshmi)

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Sometimes nostalgia is the best way to get over the blues . And so am starting a series called #ScannedMemories because memories are all that we have now, to enable us to look forward again. These memories however are not your perfect instagrammable shots . They are simple photos taken from my regular aim and shoot cameras over 20 years ago , but each photo is both priceless and timeless in a way . And they tell stories. They take me to a world long before I started travel writing or blogging or even knew it would be a career . So let’s rewind and travel back in time . Two decades ago, when I was in my 20s, I was full of optimism and was ambitious . My media career was everything to me . We were launching Radio Mirchi in Chennai (Madras) and I was actually the second employee of the company and was heading Programming and Content. But travel was an integral part of my life . Sharath and I loved road trips and our faithful Zen took us places . We used to drive to Bangalore quite often and then explore new destinations . We stumbled upon Masinagudi on one of those trips . I remember that we had no plans to go anywhere and we were surprised to find a few wildlife lodges in some of the villages scattered around Mudhumalai National Park . Masinagudi was not yet a destination and needless to say, we were the only guests in one of them. In recent times however Masinagudi became a victim of over tourism and most resorts flouted rules of wildlife conservation and had to be shut down. When I started travelling , I had no idea of sustainable tourism or conservation. But the more I travelled , I became aware and changed my ways slowly as well. I have learnt so many lessons on the road and am so grateful for them . I am not in a hurry to get back to travelling again . But these old photos are satiating my wanderlust for now and am grateful for them . What are you grateful for today ?

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She is a storyteller, a traveler, travel blogger, writer, digital influencer, content expert, professional media and photographer. The blog was born in 2005 as a platform for sharing her travel experiences. She has toured more than five continents and more than 25 nations and has traveled widely within India.

2. SHIVYA NATH (theshootingstar)

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LOCKDOWN LIFE 👩🏽‍💻⁣ ⁣ Well over a month into this lockdown, just popping by to share a bunch of little things that are helping me stay sane:⁣ ⁣ 👣 Working out. I’m consciously alternating between functional training and yoga – for physical and mental health respectively. Yoga with AJ on @primevideoin is my go to. Aprajita teaches @theyogahousemumbai and is a fab teacher. Those endorphins seriously make it easier to get through the day.⁣ ⁣ 👩🏽‍💻 A movie / mini series a day. It just helps to take my mind off. I’ve been watching a LOT of period dramas – and finding hope in the fact that the west has come a really long way in terms of women’s rights in just a few generations. @unorthodoxnetflix, Art of Loving, Dangerous Beauty, The Other Boleyn Girl, Alias Grace are all based on true stories and worth watching.⁣ ⁣ 📖 Seriously wish books were “essential” enough to be available. Anyway, it’s been helpful losing myself in Murakami’s world with Kafka on the shore – though I must admit I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped. Now back to non-fiction with Everyone loves a good drought (borrowed from a neighbour).⁣ ⁣ 😋 Never imagined food could be therapeutic! Been experimenting with delicious yet healthy vegan dishes – raw double chocolate brownies, nut butter, fermented cashew cheese, quinoa stir fry, beetroot patties, baked falafel etc. Anything more than 5 ingredients is usually scary for me but found plenty of easy recipes by @healthnut_india @vinitacontractor @sharanindia @minimalistbaker ⁣ ⁣ 🌱 Other things keeping me sane: Working on my blog, reading poetry in the Urdu script on @rekhta_foundation (slow but so satisfying), the occasional webinar, the sunset sky (despite all the construction around), sleeping in on some days (so there’s less of the day to get though!) and knowing somewhere within, that this too shall pass.⁣ ⁣ What about you, how are you staying sane? Any recommendations for films, shows or vegan recipes? ⁣ ⁣ PS: These mountains – so near yet so far 😭

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Her blog title is “The star of the shooting.” In 2013, for sharing her knowledge and advice on how to travel like a local and discover those off-the-beaten-track locations, she got the title of’ Best Travel Blogger’ at the Indian Blogger Awards. Nath’s life tale and adventures are inherently intriguing as someone who leaves the corporate life to become a full-time traveler.

3. KARTHIK REDDY (romancingtheplanet)

Karthik Reddy decided to leave his area of comfort and begin to travel. Reddy quickly began his own travel blog, Romancing The Planet, to share travel stories, advise and publish some of his favourite pictures. This blogger has a world cuisine love to discover new cultures and meet new individuals. Check out his blog to know a little more about what to do or where to go.

4. ANURADHA GOYAL (inditales)

She is an award-winning Indian travel blog covering tourist destinations in India and abroad. She loves to admire the art, history, culture and art history of tourism resorts and to take back to you the stuff that need to be seen in India and the world. She loves walking around towns and as walking tours bringing them to you.

5. UPASANA (mytraveldiaryblog)

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आज मैं कुच कहना चाहती हूँ । Aaj Main Kuch Kehna Chahti hu | . Khwahish thi hamesha ki nayi jagahein dekhun. Naye logo se milu. Nayi sabhyataaon ko jaanun. Mehsoos karu aur logo ka jeewan. Khaan paan. Veshbhoosha. Swabhaav. Nazariyaa. . Jab camera haath me aaya to bas nikal padti thi tasveerein kheenchne. Dekhne aas paas kya hai. Dhoop kahan kab aati hai. Kya aakar banaati hai. Kab pados ke mazdoor sadak kinaare choolhe pe khaana pakaate hain. Jab gaanv ke bachhe khilkhilaate huye mujhse mere baare me poochne aate hain. Kab hazaron gaadiyaan farrattey se nikal jaati hain bina kisi ko dekhe. Jab ghee me bante huye parantho ki Khushboo bas yun hi chalte ghoomte huye kisi kone ke ghar se aati hai. Kab ped lehlahaane lagte hain hawa ke jhonko se. Jab ek pyaari si ladki taalaab kinaare apne ghar ke baare me batati hai. . Nikal padti thi un kahaniyon ki talaash me apne camera ko thaame. Apne bastey ko kandhey pe taangey. Mujhe duniya jahan ka koi hosh na tha. . Ab thodi zimmedaariyaan badh gayi hain. Achhi naukri karti hu. Mazaa bhi aata hai. Par samay ki killat mujhe mayoos kar deti hai. Sab cheezo aur logo ki dekhbhaal kar paati hu. Paisa bhi theek thaak kama leti hu. Apne liye bhi pyaar jata paati hu. Par samay ki killat ko mehsoos kar phir maayoos ho jaati hu. Kya yahi jeewan hai? Ye soch soch kar kabhi kabaar ek aad aansu baha leti hu. Hazam nahi hoti ye sachhai. Phir bhi mann ko agli subah mana leti hu. . Khush bhi hu. Mayoos bhi. Naye ehsaas dil ko choo jaate hain. Pyaar de jaatein hain. Jo peeche chhoot gaya, uski chaah dil me basa jaate hain. Gussa aur dukh ka mahaul phir se prajlit kar jaatey hain. . Shor hai. Aur ekanki bhi. Kuch samajh nahi paati hu. Subah sooraj aur paudhon ko dekhke phir se apna mann behla leti hu. Kaarvaan pe madhur se puraane geet baja leti hu. Khaana paka leti hu. Kitchen ki bheeni peeli roshni ko dekh kar shaant ho jaati hu. Apna mann tatol leti hu . Nikli hu is raah pe apni pehchaan dhoondhne. Pata nahi kahan jaaungi. Pata nahi kya karungi. Itna pata hai ki apna saath na chhodoongi. Is daaman ko pakdey rahungi. Chalte chalte raastey shayad yoon hi kat jaayenge. Jaanney me. pehchaanney me. Doosro ko. Apne aap ko.

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My Travel Diary Blog began a few years ago as a travel journal, capturing moments and experiences of time spent in the mountains of Uttarakhand. It culminated slowly and steadily in a blog room and an Instagram page that houses travel stories, characteristics, videos, suggestions, and guides about various locations. Entering a fresh stage and year, the blog provides for everyone to enjoy refreshed content pieces on Travel. The goal is to continue to create something–art, stories, memories, happiness, joy, and the love that comes from within on the road.


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Communism makes Kerala work? Or Kerala makes Communism work? Few years ago, I heard something about Kerala topping all social and human development indices in the country and my interest was piqued about the communist state. I think the few major things many of us associate with communism is the mass killings worldwide, rejection of both private property ownership and free market economy. However, after learning about Kerala model of development, I got curious about communism in India and then I started wondering how or why did the communist ideology succeed in Kerala while it failed to work in West Bengal. Did you know that Kerala has consistently topped the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals index in India, as measured by NITI Aayog? SDGs measure a range of indices from poverty, hunger, education, gender parity, health, life expectancy, infant mortality, green development etc etc to arrive at an indication of the well being of the people. This differs from the plainly capitalistic model of ascertaining well-being based on per capita income and GDP. And as of now, Kerala has the best overall standards of living in the whole country! Which brings me to the inference that perhaps it is not communism that makes Kerala work, an ideology that has failed to produce the utopian egalitarian society anywhere else in the world. If it works even partially in Kerala, it is because the people make it work. And the communism you see in Kerala isn’t even strict communism, it is mainly a successful welfare state with a heavy focus on the working class, while deriving some capitalist economy benefits without losing its soul entirely. As Coronavirus pokes giant holes in the armour of our world built on extractive capitalism, now is a good time to rethink our economies and idea of progress by examining states that have an alternative yet working model of development. I’ve tried to investigate this a bit in my latest travel post, an introduction to what makes Kerala work the way it does, offering some theories, article links & data. LINK IN BIO, GO READ. Kerala people, feel free to comment with your thoughts on what makes your state work the way it does.

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Neelima is a brilliant photographer among India’s top travel bloggers. Her travel blogs are full of photos that inspire the viewer with life. Neelima has an infinite love for the hills, describing herself as a trekker and an adventurer. Her traveling obsession began in 2008 when she and her family traveled to Ladakh. Since then she hasn’t been able to prevent herself. Considered to be the top woman bloggers in India.

7. ARCHANA SINGH (travelseewrite)

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Continuing with my #VirtualTour of #Amsterdam today I take you to the bridge that my friend was super excited to show me.⠀ ⠀ Reason?⠀ ⠀ Coz it’s skinny like me.⠀ ⠀ Well, whatever be the reason I am glad I visited it. Although there are 1281 bridges in Amsterdam, the most iconic bridge is the #MagereBrug or #SkinnyBridge. ⠀ ⠀ Unlike most other bridges from this period, Magere Brug’s design draws inspiration from classical Dutch architecture from the 17th century, featuring lofty yet sober elements that are reflective of this era, such as its central archway and pulley system.⠀ ⠀ Whereas most other nearby bridges are open to traffic, only pedestrians and cyclists are allowed to cross Magere Brug due to its famously narrow walkway, creating an air of exclusivity that adds to its historic charm. After dark, 1,200 lights illuminate the bridge, causing a picture-perfect reflection to appear in the waters beneath its archways.⠀ ⠀ Here are the three postcards clicked by yours truly. Tell me which one you like the most and why?⠀ ⠀ PS: I am launching a new chat show on the journeys of some inspiring people around the globe. Stay tuned for updates. ⠀ ⠀ #traveltomorrow #stayhome #VisitNetherlandsFrom🏡 #iamsterdam #holland #thedam #OffbeatEuropeWithTSW #throwback #travelphotography #travelblogger #SonyAlpha #reflection #amsterdam_streets #amsterdamworld #amsterdamview #amsterdamcity #amstergram #amsterdamlife #canalsofamsterdam #thisisholland #igersamsterdam #amsterdamvibe #wonderful_holland #ig_holland @heelnederland_fotografeert @lovely_earthshotz @catch_holland @splendid_reflections

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The personal blogs of Archana Singh, Travel See Write, are extremely popular as an award-winning photographer and storyteller. Archana has traveled alone from a military background since she was a little kid, but her solo journey to Europe in 2012 altered her perspective entirely. Her valuable recommendation to individuals who want to move around the globe is to be “humble and grounded.” She’s loved to Japan the most of all the nations she’s visited.

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