BIGO LIVE: Creating and nurturing the Group through Virtual Fitness classes Free of charge

BIGO LIVE: Creating and nurturing the Group through Virtual Fitness classes Free of charge

As people shelter at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the “Get Fit with BIGO LIVE” campaign aims to connect users with online workout sessions free of charge.

The coronavirus pandemic prompted a nation-wide stay-at-home order to make adjustments to all of our routines. Being confined to our homes 24/7 not only takes a physical but also a mental toll on people. Keep users active and stress-free during this pandemic, BIGO LIVE, a product of BIGO Technology, a technology company headquartered in Singapore and a leading live streaming site, is introducing virtual fitness sessions on their program, ‘Get Fit with BIGO,’ with qualified instructors free of charge.

The goal of this initiative is to encourage a safe and active lifestyle by offering live workout sessions to all BIGO LIVE users, facilitating the transition from gyms to virtual fitness classes. Users can select the exercise class of their choice from a range of choices, including Zumba, Yoga, Acroyoga, Female Exercise, Aerobic Fitness and Desi Fitness, which can be practiced at home without any fancy gym equipment. The implementation of exercise would inspire people to lead a balanced lifestyle. It will also help to break the monotony of quarantine life and bring a sense of dedication and accomplishment to their lives.

Although the web is filled with free workout videos, the benefit of practicing fitness from BIGO LIVE is that BIGO fitness experts can give tailored training to individuals or groups of users according to their needs through their different apps and keep adjusting the workout according to the fitness level of their clients. The BIGO LIVE users can also get real-time feedback from the instructors and raise queries on the topics related to health and fitness and get them resolved instantly during or after the live session. You can also keep updating the level of your workout as per your progress. These sessions do not require any expenditure. All you need is a yoga mat and you are good to go.

Get Fit with BIGO LIVE
Get Fit with BIGO LIVE

Users may also have a Q&A session with fitness experts and get personalized routines and suggestions on their issues. This program not only benefits people but also fitness hosts and coaches, by providing a source of income while expanding their reach and gaining more audiences. The platform will also keep the fitness schedule updated and new fitness hosts will be added every week. This will help to broaden the options for users and bring more activity and strength to the platform.

“The concept behind ‘Get Fit with BIGO LIVE’ is to provide our users with the means to engage in safe living activities and conquer the humdrum caused by the pandemic. Such virtual sessions are free of charge to all of our users. There are different categories within the workout that people can use if they want. Our main goal through this initiative is to encourage a safe and active lifestyle. We look forward to the active involvement of people and have more health gurus on board as hosts to lead people. We want to make this a vibrant campaign and hope that more and more people will enter these live sessions and inspire their friends and family members to follow this kind of lifestyle as well. Strongly believe that this is a perfect way to always feel a sense of community when putting our hands together to encourage physical and mental well-being and also to give a lot of fitness experts the ability to create a win-win situation for content creators as well as viewers,” Nagesh Banga, Deputy Country Head of BIGO LIVE commented on the occasion.

Riya Singh, who is a Yoga teacher and a BIGO LIVE Fitness Host, said, “This outbreak of COVID-19 has taken a toll on all of us. There is a growing degree of anxiety among people due to the pandemic and, in order to preserve normality throughout the lockdown, a fitness routine can be very beneficial. BIGO LIVE’s ‘Get Fit with BIGO’ campaign is a great opportunity for all of you to keep in shape and focus on your mental and physical health. It’s also a perfect way to get in contact with other people and help each other get through this pandemic. I am also using my fitness experience to work for a safe and active lifestyle and reach out to my fans through this virtual fitness classes.”

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