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BMC Starts Demolishing Kangana Ranaut’s Mumbai office

BMC Starts Demolishing Kangana Ranaut’s Mumbai office

Now, as Kangana is on her way into Mumbai, the celebrity has received yet another’ jolt’, since the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) officials have attacked her office in Mumbai, also started demolition work on out there. The actress took to her Twitter handle to reveal ‘Maharashtra Government and their goons’ have barged to her Mumbai office, and have begun breaking down it’illegally.’ Sharing an image of authorities officials out her office, Kangana wrote,’As I am ready for Mumbai Darshan on my way to the airport, then the Maha government and their goons have been in my own property set to illegally break it down, go on!’

Further adding that their activities won’t break down her, she expressed,’I assured to give blood flow for Maharashtra pride that this really is nothing just take everything but my soul is only going to grow higher and higher.’

Yesterday, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) had pasted notices outside Kangana’s Manikarnika Films office at Mumbai, alleging’unlawful construction’ at the assumptions. However, Kangana’s lawyer claimed that the BMC is trying to intimidate her with her dominance. He said,’ No job being performed by Kangana Ranaut within her assumptions as liberally understood by you personally. So that the note issued with you as’Stop Work Notice’ is totally bad-in-law and appears to have already been issued simply to confound her from misusing your dominant posture.’

In another tweet, Kangaga stood with her comments on calling Mumbai PoK, also said that her’enemies’ never prove her incorrect’ I’m never wrong and my enemies prove again and this is why my own Mumbai is POK now.’ She received plenty of backlash from the governmental party. Yesterday, the celebrity’s office at Bandra’s Pali Hill was sealed with the BMC, and also she was awarded a’stop work note’ to get’illegal construction.’

Nevertheless, the MCGM didn’t take their voice hit back to the allegations leveled against the corporation. In a statement,” MCGM said,’The allegations from Kangana’s lawyer are baseless. After receipt of this note, you lasted the task. So, the note arrangement as previously mentioned in the note will be accountable for forthwith demolition at the risk, cost, and consequences’

In the following conversation, Kangana compared her office space to the Ram Mandir, and the BMC to Mughal emperor Babur. Sharing more pictures of BMC officials sledding hammers in her office gates, and ready to crack down her office, she wrote,’Babur along with his army.’

Barkha Verma

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