Corona Warriors of Bengaluru

Corona Warriors of Bengaluru

Indian women have always been the embodiment of elegance, power, and intellect. Today, the success of Indian women through various walks of life has shown that they have earned this reputation. One such dedicated social worker is Dr. Sunitha Manjunath, the founder of the Sumanaa Foundation of Sanjay Nagar in Bengaluru.

The Sumanaa Foundation, based in Sanjay Nagar, Bengaluru, has been at the forefront of support for people in distress due to COVID-19. The foundation under the leadership of its founder, Dr. Sunitha Manjunath, has acquired a total of 20,000 kg of farm-fresh produce in four phases from farmers who are unable to sell it due to the COVID Lockdown and have distributed it to 6,000 families across Bangalore City.

“We have acquired these vegetables after finding farmers who are unable to sell their product due to the locking problem. Not only does this program benefit farmers by helping them to get the right price for their produce, but it also offers us an opportunity to get vegetables at a fair price while eliminating all middlemen and commissions. We have identified 6000 poor families, mainly around Bengaluru City, who have not been able to earn their daily wages and give them vouchers. The members of the Foundation recognise genuine cases and provide them with coupons that can be redeemed in return for the necessary vegetable package. ,” said Dr. Sunitha Manjunath, the founder of Sumanaa Foundation.

These vegetables were obtained from Chikkaballapura, Doddaballapura, and surrounding villages and included vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, capsicum, green chilies, beans, carrots, brinjal, potatoes, beetroots, etc. These farmers have earned a decent price for their products and have been overjoyed to learn that their harvest is being distributed free of cost to poor and well-deserved families.

The Sumanaa Foundation has been actively assisting the city administration in the war against the COVID-19 pandemic. In recent weeks, the foundation has provided sanitizers and masks to BBMP Pourakarmikas. The foundation also cooked meals for over 400 people every day. The food was turned over to the city council, who then distributed it to the police department and other workers working through government agencies during these testing periods.

Dr. Sunitha, a trained engineer, enjoyed a high-level corporate career with BOSCH. She was offered a global position that she declined to set up her NGO, the Sumanaa Foundation, and to serve the poor in and around her locality. Over the last 7 years, the NGO with 70 members has carried out a wide variety of activities in support of the vulnerable and needy in Bangalore.

The Sumanaa Foundation’s core team works under the leadership of its Chairman, Dr. Sunitha Manjunath, and includes young and enthusiastic individuals such as Manjunath.k, Prakash K, Vidya Prakash, Sindu Gowda, Byregowda, Nishita Arjun, Arjun Varadaraj and Manoj Kumar.

‘Meal of Humanity’ is a groundbreaking initiative of Dr. Sunitha Manjunath and her team. About 300 vulnerable people are served regular mid-day meals under this initiative. It is basically a self-sustained initiative with no external funding. Dr. Sunitha Manjunath, her family members and friends are donating their hard-earned money to bring smiles to hundreds of migrant workers and everyday wage labourers.

‘Wall of Humanity’ is another interesting idea introduced by the Sumana Foundation. People can leave used or unused regular use of products such as clothing, toys, grocery stores, etc. in a designated area. This can be chosen by anyone in need of these things. This self-help model has touched the lives of hundreds of people in and around Sanjay Nagar.

Daily blood donation camps, eye checks, student scholarships, tailoring machine distribution, environmental initiatives, Swacch Bharath projects, roadside wall painting are just a few of the hundreds of activities that the Sumanaa Foundation regularly undertakes under the leadership of Dr. Sunitha Manjunath and her team of friends.

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