Endeavor Conducts the Biggest Online All India Open Mock CLAT and IPMAT 2020

Endeavor Conducts the Biggest Online All India Open Mock CLAT and IPMAT 2020

Endeavor Careers is all set to host these mocks specially designed by an NLU-IIM Alumnus

This is the time of the year when students who have decided to take specific entrance exams are working all day to impress and hit their dream colleges. Despite the current lock-down situation, there is still an all-time high level of anxiety and uncertainty.

Endeavor is the most respected name in competitive exams for 15 years, and known as inspiring students by its ‘Dream … Endeavor … Achieve’ philosophy, has ensured that thousands of students have made their dream of studying at Ivy League institutes in India and abroad. It’s a new ‘# RiseUpAndShine’ initiative that strengthens the organization’s belief in hard work, enthusiasm and dedication, come what may! This gives the ideal inspiration of # DontGiveUp to the aspirants.

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Every year, Endeavor organizes mockery to fulfill its goal of shaping the faith of young aspirants. India’s largest All India Open Mock CLAT and IPMAT 2020 by Endeavor are free for all students pursuing a three / five year LLB program at the National Law University or a five year Integrated Management Program (IPM) at IIM Indore.

Jaimin Shah, the Product Head for BBA-Integrated MBA said,” “As the quote says, if it has to be, it’s up to me. It is extremely necessary to stay motivated and to take the ridicule that is specifically crafted by experts. It is also critical that the test-takers get a thorough review, all India ranks, and the exam strategy for the next 45 days.”

Endeavor’s parody is exceptional and the best in the industry for a variety of reasons. Some of which is that these All India Mock CLAT and IPMAT are based on the latest paper pattern and that there is a detailed review after the mocks. They are developed by the NLU-IIM alumnus and are based on the current paper-based exam model, which is closest to the actual CLAT and IPMAT exams; thus providing real test experience to the test-takers. These mocks are a benchmark against thousands of serious national test-takers who are ranked at the national level.

“Endeavor never loses the chance to represent the community of students. I appeal to all the prospective lawyers to take India’s largest open Mock CLAT out of your home and test your results against thousands of others. Don’t let COVID19 have any effect on your planning. When the going gets tough; it’s hard to go,” said Kishan Pratap Singh, Law Product Head at Endeavor.

The mocks are scheduled to happen on April 5th, and students on April 10th, 11th, 12th, any source, medium, and board are eligible to take the mocks. Students may even opt for more than one mock.

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