Hero Enterprise moving into the Digital Platform under the name Mindmine NXT

Hero Enterprise moving into the Digital Platform under the name Mindmine NXT

COVID-19-this is a topic that is overwhelmingly prevalent in the headlines. Novel Coronavirus has completely overturned normality, claimed lives, disrupted the economy, generated financial uncertainty, and ruined businesses in more than one way.

The stock market, the big companies, the large and small firms, and the labor market have all been battered by the virus. Given that the unexpected burden of the lockdown has a significant impact on industry operations and that the uncertainty of the recovery threatens a significant loss of livelihood in the future, we need to decipher how to deal with this crisis.

The inaugural edition of the ‘Mindmine NXT’ Webinar under the theme ‘Corona Crisis: Beyond the Lockout‘ is scheduled for Monday, 13 April 2020 at 5 p.m. It includes Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Founder & Executive Vice Chairman, Info Edge and T V Mohandas Pai, Chairman, Aarin Capital and Manipal Global Education in a conversation with Akhil Bansal, Deputy CEO, KPMG India.

In announcing this digital initiative Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal, Chairman of Hero Enterprise, said, “In these times of social distancing, we thought it would be useful to have a platform for digitally sharing ideas and discovering ways to deal with, learn and recover from the crisis. Through this forum, we want to express optimism, evaluate our preparedness and discuss the possibilities that might arise as we gradually progress toward normalcy. Mindmine NXT marks Mindmine’s foray into digital streaming in a free-flowing conversation.”

Mindmine NXT, an initiative of the Mindmine Institute, is intended to be the next generation digital version of intellectual conversations built around subjects of importance to industry, economy and to Indians. The Mindmine Institute, an independent think tank set up by Hero Enterprise for more than a decade, has been implementing a number of initiatives that have attracted more than 60 government ministers, more than 100 CEOs, policy makers, diplomats, industrialists and eminent citizens, who have raised a wide range of issues affecting India, Indians and Indians.

Barkha Verma

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