Here’s how a plant-based diet helps you to stay safe from Coronavirus

Here’s how a plant-based diet helps you to stay safe from Coronavirus

A plant-based diet is considered the best way to eat because it promotes a strong metabolism and immune system. This diet requires that you eliminate all animal-based products, such as dairy and meat. Experts believe that a plant-based diet can protect us from being affected by the deadly COVID19 virus. Plant-based diets increase metabolism and resistance power. Aakriti Arora, the Nutritionist, explains why it is important to eat a plant-based diet in this covid 19 environment. Here’s how a plant-based diet helps you to stay safe from Coronavirus.

How plant-based diet improves metabolism?

Studies have shown that vegans are more likely to burn calories at rest when they eat whole-food plant-based foods.

This diet increases one’s metabolism and allows one to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way. It is easy to understand: Plant-based foods have lower glycemic values, meaning they are more slowly digested by the body. Furthermore, the fiber and antioxidants in fruits and vegetables prolong the feeling of fullness and improve the metabolic rate.

How plant based diet enhances immunity?

Our immune system protects us from various viruses, bacteria and other illnesses. Our immune system works well on its own to fight the above invaders. However, certain foods high in sodium, sugar, and trans-fat, along with poor lifestyle choices, can reduce its effectiveness.

Gut health is a key factor in our immune system’s efficiency. Consuming whole foods made from plant-based ingredients, including fruits and vegetables, as well as legumes, seeds, nuts, and legumes, can help to improve your immune system.

Vegetarians and Vegans consume more fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods than non-vegetarians. This diet is high in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, which can help to improve our immune system.

Many studies have shown that vegans and vegetarians are not well-nourished in Omega 3 fatty acid and Zinc. People should eat plenty of zinc-rich foods like chickpeas, beans and nuts. They should also eat omega-3 fats such as flax, walnuts, and chia seeds every day to improve their health.

Vitamin B12 can only be found in animal-based food, so plant-based eaters need to consult their doctor and take a Vit B12 supplement.

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