How to make your skin more sustainable!

How to make your skin more sustainable!

The latest trend in skincare is moving towards renewable, sustainable, and bio-based products. This is beneficial to both the consumer and the environment. Hence, the ‘green cosmetics movement’ which includes products that are derived from bio-based oleochemicals, renewable plant sources, and bacteria, makes the product a sustainable cosmetic, which is environment friendly, and in the long term, good for human health as well. 

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How to make your beauty regimen greener and environment friendly 

Plastic is the main ingredient in your beauty regime. If one looks carefully into the packaging of all the beauty and skincare products you own, it is predominantly plastic. Plastic pollution is currently a major environmental concern. Tonnes of plastic waste is accumulating every year in the oceans; hence, now is the time to bring about the change….go green! 

There are a few ways in which you can incorporate green practices in your skincare regimen 

1. Replacing the plastic packaging with biodegradable, sustainable ones like recycled paper. 

2. Bamboo and corn are also great options for packaging; using metal (aluminum) for lipstick cases. 

3. Few brands use minimal packaging in glass or aluminum bottles, especially for shampoos, conditioners and shower gels. 

4. The use of refillable packaging for products like compact, eye shadows, concealer, foundation, etc. should be encouraged. These easy-to-adopt eco-friendly practices will help us serve the environment. 

Apart from the plastic packaging, a few ingredients used in the skincare products also cause environmental damage. The microbeads which we love to scrub our face with, present in the face wash, are non-biodegradable. We can see the bigger plastic bits floating in the water but the microbeads are invisible and can cause irreversible harm to the oceans and aquatic life. The government has banned microbeads, helping us cut down plastic pollution. 

Things to keep in mind while buying beauty products: 

1) Try buying products packaged in recycled plastic and paper. Reuse and refill the cosmetic products. 

2) Avoid tiny bottles stacked up in the bathroom just because they look cute, as that also will amount to plastic waste. 

3) One might think that wet wipes are environment friendly: These wipes, which might seem okay to flush down the toilet, are a major cause for sewage blockages. Also, a vast majority of wet wipes are made of microplastic fibers, which are extremely harmful for the oceans. Hence, it is a good idea to switch to biodegradable, recyclable, organic, plant-based wet wipes. 

4) Cotton pads are not biodegradable: This is due to the bleaching and the mixing process used to manufacture them. The easy substitute to this is a muslin cloth. 

The need of the hour is sustainable beauty regimens and skincare. The use of natural, organic, and plant-based sources for formulations of skincare products helps our health in the long run as they are non-toxic for us and the environment. This will reduce the incidence of diseases and environmental damage. Natural products are devoid of harmful chemical formulations, thereby reducing the chances of allergic reactions.

Barkha Verma

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