How to Stop the coronavirus fear

How to Stop the coronavirus fear

India is in an unfortunate throw of a trinity of problems. The Coronavirus scare, economic instability, and political unrest. It doesn’t help that social media amplifies fear-inducing news. Have your dinner party conversations changed? Do you find yourself worrying about what’s to come next? When will you be able to fly to the USA to meet your brother; or how will you float in these times of falling stock markets and dwindling job opportunities? 

Preventive measures do go a long way. Although there is absolutely no need for paranoia, which resembles a dystopian apocalyptic novel, some of us tend to worry more than others. 

The Coronavirus has definitely sent a wave of anxiety and even fear across countries. Constant news reports of the rapid spread of infection and death tolls can grip our minds to take steps of extreme caution. After all, the human mind is known to worry more by new risks than the familiar ones. There are a lot of useful, simple, practical sources of information available on preventive care. While this is something that needs attention, over-thinking, constant talk and reading about it isn’t going to make it easier for any of us. Eat right, avoid contact and allow recovery if you know of people who show symptoms, keep clean and most importantly, give your mind some rest.

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Here is a compilation of actionable tips to keep you cushioned and positively disposed for all aspects of life.

1. Save for tomorrow – At least 30% of your income should be kept in savings. Even if you aren’t there today, keep that as the target. 

2. Have two different bank accounts – Keep one for regular expenses and another for short term emergencies. So you won’t have to worry if you’re suddenly out of a job. 

3. Invest for the long term, take some risks, so if markets are falling, you will still be investing.

4. Take health and life insurance to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

A new study found that people who consume less than three daily sources of fruits and vegetables have a 24% higher risk of being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

According to the general perception, high sugar and junk food items like cakes, pastries, pizzas, burgers, etc. make us feel upbeat. However, high sugar foods raise our insulin levels and after the initial comfort effect, they often lead to guilt, anxiety, and more severe conditions like depression and addictions. It is better to stick to foods that are wholesome because they will keep you fuller for longer, and they are healthy too. A few examples of them are: 

1. Oats: You can have them with yoghurt and some berries as breakfast. 

2. Fatty fish: A couple of times a week can enhance your mood because of the omega 3 fatty acids in them which are essential for your brain’s functioning. 

3. Flax seeds and Chia seeds: These are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Ideal source for vegetarians to get their essential fatty acids. 

4. Berries: Berries are one of the most potent antioxidants. Many researches have suggested links between cellular inflammation and mood disorders. Eating a portion of berries on a regular basis has helped many in managing their mood disorders.

There are some Bach remedies that you may find useful: 

Aspen: for fear of the future and unknown dangers 

Cherry Plum: for fear of losing control over your life 

Mimulus: for the specific fear of falling ill 

Red Chestnut: for the fear that our loved ones may be harmed Rock Rose: for terror or panic 

Crab Apple: if you feel excessively germaphobic 

Walnut: to be less influenced by the opinions and a mindset of fear surrounding you 

Cerato: if you feel uncertain and keep reaching out for outside reassurance

White Chestnut: if your thoughts are in a loop of fear and you can’t quieten your mind enough to work or sleep 

Gorse: if you can’t shake the feeling “that there’s no hope left” 

If self-administering, take 2 drops of the remedy in a glass of water. Bach flower extracts are available at all leading homeopathic stores. These remedies can help strengthen and balance you emotionally, so that you stay calm and strong for yourself and others around you in these uncertain times.

Barkha Verma

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