How to take decision in arranged marriage

How to take decision in arranged marriage

Love marriages can be romantic and dreamy, and you feel the joy of marrying your soulmate. There are occasions when people choose to marry an arranged spouse over love marriage. Their parents have selected a match that is suitable for them, keeping in mind their needs and requirements. People are often reluctant how to take decision in arranged marriage because they see it as uncool or fear sharing their lives with someone else. It is true that it can be scary, but it can be made less frightening by considering the following things before you say yes.

These Ways to know how to take decision in arranged marriage

Be honest

Talk to your spouse about what you desire from the relationship. Let them know what you are unsure about, and your limitations, if any. Share with them your expectations for the marriage, and what you hope to achieve after marriage.

Keep your eyes open

They barely know each other. To avoid communication gaps, you should be direct and open in your approach. Ask them awkward questions, such as about their past. It is perfectly normal to ask them these questions to get to know them better.


Spend time with your in-laws before you say yes to the marriage. This will allow you to get to know them better and bond with them.


Before agreeing to an arrangement for marriage, it is important to determine if you are compatible. Before you agree to the marriage, make sure that you are clear on everything.

Barkha Verma

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