Is your partner a ‘nice guy’?

Is your partner a ‘nice guy’?

Is your partner a ‘nice guy’? We’ve heard it so many times. Women love bad boys, reckless wanderers, aggressive studs and moody brooders and we’ve almost come to believe in it. In fact experts, say, that “women find swaggering, brooding ‘bad boys’ a lot more attractive than ‘nice guys’”.

Is your partner a nice guy?
Is your partner a ‘nice guy’?

However, women know better. A nice guy, these days, is someone who…

  1. Treats well – “It’s basic, but the fact is those good manners in a man are terribly attractive. It’s rare to find a man who is courteous towards women. A nice guy always does things like opening a door, making sure a girl is comfortable or not, most importantly giving respect.
  2. Is self-made – There are too many guys out there who spend their dad’s money and pretend they are the best things to happen to women. And that is ridiculous because where do you get that swagger when you haven’t done a day’s honest work to earn that money? Roaming around in your father’s fancy car and flaunting the money that he has earned is disgusting.
  3. Loves doing things for people – A guy has to be generous with his money, feelings, and view on life. From being generous with his money to being open about his emotions, to being charitable about people in general, a generous man radiates positivity and warmth.
  4. Puts others first – According to relationship experts, there are certain character traits that give a strong indication of whether he’s the right kind of guy to commit to in the long term. Most of the guys have this strong sense of self-entitlement that makes them impervious to the needs of others.
  5. Being Kind and Nobel – Bad boys may sound more appealing when you’re under 25 and you just want lots of fun and hot sex. But as you’re ready to settle down with someone, your wants’ evolve, and the truth is nice guys who don’t lie and cheat their way through life make better prospects than cads.
  6. Handles conflicts better – Conflicts are bound to arise in any relationship; it’s how you deal with them that counts. Think about how he usually reacts when you fight. Can you get through an argument without him flying off the handle when you raise important issues? Do you talk things out in a calm manner? Are you willing to move on from the disagreement without holding a grudge? These are all good signs that he could deal with arguments in a mature manner.
  7. A good sense of humor – A good sense of humor always seems to feature highly on any list of desirable qualities in a prospective partner. It’s a nice bonus to be able to have fun with a partner, especially if you’re looking to be in it for the long haul.
  8. Knows chemistry better – You might seem like a great catch on paper, but what if there’s just no spark between the two of you? If you’ve got very little in common, chances are that it will be difficult to keep the relationship going in the long term. Compatibility is one of the most important boxes to tick. What you need to look for in a long term relationship is someone who you click with emotionally, intellectually and physically. Similar sexual preferences/appetites are also very important.
  9. Respecting your wishes and feelings -Relationships should be a game of giving and take and If you’re constantly being walked all over, It’s not a good sign. Never puts you down If he is rarely got anything to nice to say to you or about you, it can be extremely demoralizing. Because of their competitive nature, men often belittle women in public. This can be very degrading and although everyone else will see what’s happening and feel sorry for you, they will
    likely be frightened to stick up for you against your domineering partner.
  10. You can be trusted – There may be the odd exceptions but men with a history of lying and cheating rarely change their ways. A man who cheats on you has no respect for you as a woman and your feelings, And if you find out, you will always wonder what he’s up to when he goes out with his mates or away on business. This kind of insecurity can mess with your head and wears down the trust in a relationship.

Is your partner a ‘nice guy’? And as a result, many marriages are suffering from monotony and boredom or falling apart at the seams you don’t have to be the watered-down version of a man. You need to be strong, convicted, resolved, and a nice guy!

Barkha Verma

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