Likee Unveils LikeeComics Feature

Likee Unveils LikeeComics Feature

Likee, Singapore-based BIGO Technology’s groundbreaking global short video production platform, has launched a new range of quirky filters under #LikeeComics. Creators can create their comic avatars and charm their online audiences with this app. The role processes the image given by the creator and transforms it into an impeccable art. This new tool can be found under Likee’s iconic filter library – SUPERME.

The platform has released its latest feature #LikeeComics, which is one of the top trends on Likee. Despite millions of views already in place, # LikeeComics has been well received by Likers. To add LikeeComics, users can tap the record button, pick SUPERME at the bottom of the screen, and tap Comics at the top of the screen. Users will then be provided with a variety of choices under this section, such as live-action, reproduce, comic rose, card comic, mysterious drawing, smoke comic, and more.

Each effect has a unique feel that contributes to a magical transformation of a picture into a comic. For example, the mysterious painting feature presents a picture of the user with an antique frame. Gradually, the photo begins to peel off and the comic version of the user’s photo is exposed. In the same way, the comic book effect cuts out the user in a frame, converts it to the comic, and replaces the background with dynamic pop-art.

This is one among the sea of features and resources provided by Likee to improve the experience of video production. The live streaming functionality also contributes to the platform’s USP, with popular users as well as celebrities using it on numerous occasions. Likee is available in more than 15 languages, including Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu, among others. In recent studies by App Annie and Sensor Tower, Likee is one of the top 10 most downloaded apps in the world.

Barkha Verma

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