Modish Care Launches Modish Health Care Kit to Combat Coronavirus Outbreak

Modish Care Launches Modish Health Care Kit to Combat Coronavirus Outbreak

In the light of the growing number of coronavirus cases (COVID-19) and the acute shortage of protective kits, Modish Care’s launch of the Modish Protective Healthcare Kit is timely and a sincere attempt to support the country in need.

Contributing to the battle against the deadly Coronavirus outbreak, Modish Care, the newly launched Modish Tradex Private Limited (Modish Ombre) healthcare vertical, has unveiled a premium quality Modish Protective Healthcare kit particularly designed for use in offices and homes. Modish Care has launched a fully personalized Modish Protective Healthcare kit for bulk orders, including a package of Medical Coverall, Infrared Thermometer, Protective Eyeglass, Shoe Cover, Liquid Hand Wash, Hand Sanitizer, Office Sprayer, 10 Face Masks (3-ply and KN95) and 10 Hand Gloves.

As the number of coronavirus cases (COVID-19) increased, acute shortages of protective kits placed both the general public and healthcare professionals at high risk of infection across India. In the current worst-case scenario of Coronavirus, the introduction of the Modish Care Modish Preventive Healthcare Kit is timely and a genuine attempt to support the country in need. Modish Care has been very cautious in making Modish Safe Healthcare Kit.

Mr. Atul Jain, Founder, Modish Ombre said, “We have tried to meet the growing demand for a high-quality Protective Healthcare Kit in the country following the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Modish Safe Healthcare Kit is also our commitment in line with our dream of helping the nation in need when the lives of millions of people, including health workers, are at stake. We completely agree that protective equipment is the most critical necessity for the prevention of deadly coronavirus infection, and thus, in the Modish Protective Healthcare Kits introduced by us, we have provided the most suitable and best-in-class safety equipment for office staff and those who stay at home.”

While the Medical Coverall provided under the Modish Protective Healthcare kit by Modish Care is built to match perfectly the shapes and sizes of the Indian body without unnecessary openings that ensure protection against contagion. Likewise, the Face Masks (3-ply and KN95) offered by Modish Care are of the highest quality. The lightweight 3-ply Face Masks by Modish Care are 3-layer skin-friendly masks whose first layer made of polypropylene spunbond nonwovens effectively covers visible artifacts such as droplets. The second layer of this Face Mask, made of melt-blown nonwovens BEE 95 removes non-woven particles in the air and the third layer, made of nonwoven polypropylene spunbonds, absorbs the exhaled air from the body to keep the skin dry and relaxed. Modish Care’s 3D foldable KN95 Face Mask provides 95 percent particulate filtration and has 5-ply dense material layering. Simple and comfortable to use it has a rigid bendable edge on the top to shape to the forehead. Furthermore, the other personal security, disinfectant, and safety devices provided in the Modish Security Healthcare Kit are of the highest quality.

The Modish Care Special Modish Protective Healthcare Kit for 10 people, including sprayer, is priced at Rs. 9.990/-only, while the Modish Protective Healthcare Kit, excluding sprayer, is available only at Rs. 5.990/-online and in all leading stores across the nation.

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