Most Important Things in the New Education System

Most Important Things in the New Education System

This time parents are a little bit worried about their children some of the parent’s children in the nursery they are worried about nursery admission and some of the parents think about their 10 to 12th class children who worried about college admission to get 90% Maxks also if their children are doing graduation then their parents worried about the jobs. till the government starts, this policy common people are thinking about these things.

1. School Education

In the past, we talk about 10+2 but Now Government apply 5+3+3+4, so what’s the mean of this, the mean of this 5, that is 3 year of playschool and 2 years of 1st and 2nd class, and the mean of 3, that is 3rd class, 4th class, 5th class and again means od 3 this is 6th, 7th, 8th classes now the last mean of 4, 9th, 10, 11,12 classes.

2. Language

New Education Policy Based on 3 Languages there is class 5th religion language as well government says this procedure continues till 8th class. these languages should be considered as a language in schools Sanskrit, Tamil Telugu, and Connor. if the secondary school wants to learn a foreign language that’s optional.

3. Board Exam

Last 10 years changes are going in board exams, sometimes 10th class board exams were optional and sometimes talk about grade rather than the number so this time board exam will be but for a pass in the exam there no need to take coaching classes because the government wants to take assessment behalf of capability, not memory. central government plea is marked will be dominated by it.

4 Graduation Degree

now graduation students will read a 4-year course. the best part of this new education policy of gradations students is they can quit their course in the middle of graduation in any year. if they want to leave in 1 year they gat a certificate and if they left in the 2nd year then they get a diploma, if they left in the 3rd year then they get a degree.

5. Schoolship

The national scholarship portal will be more powerful For High School. Private schools should be given 25% to 100% Scholarship to their 50% Students. this also the new rule of this new education system.

Barkha Verma

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