Most Visited Places in Maharashtra – Top Places To Visit

Most Visited Places in Maharashtra – Top Places To Visit

Here Are Some of Best Places To Visit In Maharashtra Summer is the best time to explore Maharashtra Also March Is The Best Time In Summer. Here are some places below are surely you like

Mumbai – The City of Dreams
Mahabaleshwar –
The Land of Strawberries
Matheran –
Cutest little hill-station of India
– The land of Sai Baba
Ellora Caves – World Heritage Ancient Rock-Cut Caves


Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra as well as the financial capital of India. Mumbai famous for its Bollywood industry also there living costs so high only high standard people can live there. that is a very fast-paced lifestyle for making their dreams. Mumbai has lots of best places to visit such as gateway of India, and haji Ali and many more. Mumbai also famous for its nightlife because there are unforgettable bars, live music venues, national parks, and traveler hangouts.


Mahabaleshwar is the land of strawberries and it’s a hill station where located in the western ghats in Satara district of Maharashtra. Mahabaleshwar is well known for its rivers. amazing waterfalls and elevated peaks. Mahabaleshwar is also a Hindus place because of there originates Krishna river.

3. Matheran

The near hill station to Mumbai, Matheran discovered by British people in 1850 of their occupation of India and, subsequently developed into a popular summer retreat. that place is calm and far away from noise and pollution. people get there by taking the scenic toy train. Matheran temperatures cool escape from searing.

4. Shirdi

This is the place of sai baba you also can say the home of great saint sai baba. Shirdi is a religious place nearby Nasik there are so many temples apart from the sai baba mandir and also there are few historical places. Shirdi located in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.

5. Ellora Caves

Ellora caves located near Aurangabad in northern Maharashtra. 400 kilometers far from Mumbai. Ellora has 34 caves dating from between the sixty to the eleventh-century ad. Ellora Caves for known their architecture that is extraordinary. The Most Beautiful Thing is that caves craft made by hand with hammer and chisel.

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