Narendra Modi is 15th Most Followed Account On Twitter

Most Followed Accounts on Twitter. Top 15 Most Followed Accounts on Twitter There Is Also Name of Narendra Modi of India’s Prime Minister And That’s The Pride Thing of India. There Are Also Few People In This List And Those Are Popular People In The World Such as Donald Trump, Cristiano Ronaldo, Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, and some of also I will show you how many people followed them in Twitter. So We Have A Look On Those Accounts.

1. Barack Obama
121 million
Former U.S. president

2. Justin Bieber
112 million

3. Katy Perry
108 million

4. Rihanna
97 million
Businesswoman, Musician

5. Taylor Swift
87 million

6. Cristiano Ronaldo
86 million

7. Donald Trump
84 million
Current U.S. president

8. Lady Gaga
82 million

9. Ellen DeGeneres
80 million
Comedian and tv Actress

10. Ariana Grande
75 million
Musician and actress

11. YouTube
72 million
Online Video Platform

12. Kim Kardashian
66 million
Tv actress, Businesswoman

13. Justin Timberlake
64 million
Musician and actor

14. Selena Gomez
61 million
Musician and actress

15. Narendra Modi
60 million
Prime Minister of India

Barkha Verma

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