New Wedding Photography trends 2019

New Wedding Photography trends 2019

New Wedding Photography trends 2019 As with any industry, it evolves and there are changes and trends. We round up trends you can find in the wedding photography world and more and more couples are starting to do and also trends from wedding photographers themselves too.

Shooting weddings has been as old a concept as weddings and the camera themselves. But it has seen a great change in the past decade essentially. It has obviously gotten better and better with time and technology. On the contrary, now it is a film quality video, shot on latest and HQ DSLRs and various film cameras like black magic. No one wants to watch those 3 to 4-hour videos like old times now. With demand has changed the supply. People like to watch themselves in film-like videos and gradually over time it has changed from “Wedding Videos” to “Wedding Films”.

The bride and the groom enjoy watching the video weaved into a coherent seamless story, and they don’t mind giving their time for that. Interviews have become indispensable to the wedding films now, because, how can there be a good story without someone (the couple itself) narrating it to all?

1.Lip Dubs: This is something that gained a lot of popularity in the last season and has the potential of growing and seeing more.

2.Unconventional Couple Portraits: We can go for things beyond convention here. How much of the same romance are we going to capture? Trying new stuff is always trendsetting.

3.Polished Sangeet Performances: We see such neat dance performances nowadays, choreographed so deftly like some film dance performance. Imagine how much better it is going to look if shot like a dance sequence in some movie.

4.Bloopers: This something that has the potential to set trends for this wedding season.

5.Proposal Shots – Not quite wedding day photography but more and more prospective grooms to be are hiring photographers to document their proposals so that the moment can be captured and relived many times over by the couple, as well as shared with family and friends. This crazy trend is growing quickly in the wedding photography industry and it a great way to relive the moment you go down on one knee and allowing you and your partner to see their reaction while getting some beautiful photos of the moment too.

6.Drone Aerial Photos – This trending technique might involve overhead shots of just the bride and groom or wedding party as a whole. It is an effective way for the photographer to capture the spirit and excitement of the day. Additionally, it also gives the photographer different angles and vantage points to work from, which optimizes the appeal of many shots.

7.Selfie Shots – In this ever-evolving technological age, it was only a matter of time before selfie shots took off. Let’s face it–selfies are a big part of today’s vernacular and Internet-based society. As such, social-media-savvy couples are setting up “selfie stations” for their friends and family, along with a lovely backdrop, to shoot themselves having a great time at the wedding.

8.Reportage / Documentary– Gone of the days of traditional wedding photography with lots of posed photos, every family shot combination possible; it is all about those natural moments, those candid shots and people just enjoying the day. Reportage also knew as documentary wedding photography and very popular, a style that relaxed and informal, captures those little details, the emotions on your faces, beautiful moments and priceless reactions.

1.Outfit Photography- This season has more of the traditional look trending, so the outfits are all about the traditional motifs and vibrant colors. Many brides opting for more traditional lehengas over modern ones. In fact, even bringing out their heritage outfits, borrowed from their mothers or grandmothers, and reinventing them. Even the decors are traditionally based on floral themes prevailing.

2.Albums– Those days of CD’s are all over and it is about getting your photo on a USB drive now, or even just downloading them. But wedding albums are back and are certainly more popular, a great way to have your photographer create a beautiful album of your day selecting photos to tell a story. What better way to see your photos and relive the day with a physical album you can look through.

3.Photography Sessions – Pre-wedding couple sessions, post-wedding couple session and latest are honeymoon sessions which are trending a lot. Here again, we have low light photography, drone photography, underwater photography, theme-based shoots, black and white, traditional photography & creative photography.

Remember these are trends and showing how the wedding photography industry is changing and things that are important to couples when it comes to capturing their day.

Barkha Verma

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