Rashtram School of Public Leadership Launches Acceleration Software Applications

Rashtram School of Public Leadership Launches Acceleration Software Applications

The final deadline for the 2020-21 Accelerator Program for the Rashtram School of Public Leadership is March 15, 2020, at 11:59 PM. The Accelerator is a one-year public leadership postgraduate program, with the central focus on creating purposeful and self-conscious, professional public leaders who will accelerate India’s next transformation. Rashtram’s learners will continue to contribute in three fields of society-academic leadership, social leadership, and political leadership.

Rashtram will welcome 50 learners who are committed and enthusiastic change-makers and who have already shown an inclination through their efforts and grassroots work to serve India. Experts from the three above fields will cultivate and teach these Learners. Rashtram offers a unique program that allows young leaders to fine-tune their meta-skills-mental models to learn-such as networking, critical thinking, leadership communication, etc. The program is based on the Indic systems of information. Indic Information Systems offer us tools to help future public leaders prepare for life. These frameworks are authentic to India, and when calibrated in a modern context, they help us tackle the future macro problems. The goal is to engage and help our Learners address today’s most important global problems.

Vision India Foundation Policy Boot Camp 2018
Vision India Foundation Policy Boot Camp 2018

Highlighting the individual’s holistic growth, Rashtram will introduce the Learners to leadership self-reflection, deep-heartedness, empathy and ethics. The learning environment will also encourage students to support wellness activities such as yoga and education.

Training future public servants is an intricate duty and this endeavor is monumental to the support of our experienced leaders. To this end, Rashtram has assembled a team of distinguished multidisciplinary staff, including former MPs, diplomats, career scholars, politicians, and social workers earning Padma Shri. A few names from the list are: Sh. Jayaprakash Narayan, Sh. P.D. Rai, Sh. Jay Panda, Padma Shri Awardee Mahesh Sharma, Padma Shri Awardee Phoolbasan Bai Yadav, Dr. Mukul Asher, Dr. Mala Kapadia, Dr. K. Ramasubramanian, & Dr. R. Balasubramaniam.

The Accelerator is a residential program and will be located at the 25-acre Rishihood University Campus in Sonipat, Delhi NCR. Learners will be carefully screened and tested before being admitted into their program through a stringent screening process that includes papers, telephone interviews and personal interactions. About half the class will earn a scholarship worth 100 percent.

Rashtram Public Leadership School is an initiative of Vision India Foundation (VIF), a Delhi-based non-profit organization. VIF has developed creative learning programs in policy-making and governance in its five years of operations, attracting over 1,500 students and professionals from over 180 districts across India. VIF consults with governments at the state level to implement various projects and also has a policy research division which publishes literature on India’s foreign policy.

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