See How To Create A Good Work From Home Environment

See How To Create A Good Work From Home Environment

It’s all about creating a background that looks like a beach for the video call. We don’t want to leave behind those dirty sheets or laundry bags in the house, as everything is a test. They said they would work from home. Our cats didn’t seem to care.

An office space does two things better than a home: it allows us to manage our work in a more organized manner. As humans, we are able to adapt and change. We can improve our focus levels by using our home space as a way to better manage our work.

A majority of jobs require the use of a computer, a tablet or a laptop. You will need an area that is 4′-5′ long and 2′-3″ wide. You can use your device and a notepad comfortably while you work. You will also need to have a place for your stationery and other productivity-enhancing materials. Remember that less is more when every item has its own space. Keep your desk organized and avoid clutter.

You will need an ergonomic chair to support this desk. You don’t have to choose an office chair. But, it is important that your body is comfortable in the right postures. A chair without armrests is my preference. I enjoy sitting cross-legged in a chair that doesn’t have any arms because it gives me a more relaxed position.

Lighting is the next and most important aspect. You should be able to look out of a window. Do not back out of a window, as the sun’s glare will reflect on your screen. You should sit parallel to the opening to allow light to enter from the sides. This will enhance the space. A desk lamp can be used to support you.

One might consider adding writable surfaces or pin-up boards as supporting features. This will allow you to create and paste task lists, keep track of notes, and schedules, among other things. Magnetic glass boards are a popular option that can be written on, cleaned, and used to stick papers.

People are working longer hours from their homes than they do at work. People are saving time by not having to commute. You need elements that allow you to take breaks and to relax. Having indoor plants near your desk can give you a sense of being in nature.

It is equally important to have good thermal comfort. You can adjust your work area in cooler areas of the house that have good ventilation and a natural breeze.

Last but not least: colors! Create a palette that reflects your personality. These colors can be found in finishes, textures, and fabrics around your workplace.

Barkha Verma

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