Tata Tea JaagoRe is Back with a New Cause – Iss Baar #BadonKeLiye JaagoRe

Tata Tea JaagoRe is Back with a New Cause – Iss Baar #BadonKeLiye JaagoRe

Through the years, JaagoRe has been a direct call for social reawakening, and Tata Tea has always used this forum to promote a meaningful shift in the social cause of the hour’s need.

Tata Tea has announced that, in the wake of the unprecedented situation of COVID-19 and the prolonged lockdown period in the country, they will work to spread awareness and promote change for the cause of the Elderly, who are the most vulnerable during these times, through their social initiative Iss baar #BadonKeLiye JaagoRe.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and health experts have described elderly people as more susceptible to a novel coronavirus outbreak due to their reduced immunity. This was further echoed in the PM’s address on ‘treatment for the elderly’ as one of the primary points on the 7-point agenda.

Commenting on the initiative of Iss baar #BadonKeLiye JaagoRe, Sushant Dash, President, Beverages – India & Middle East, Tata Consumer Products, said,  “JaagoRe has always been a means of awakening people to a particular social problem, of encouraging them to take action and make a real difference in society. For us, it’s always been about making a positive difference in people’s lives, and that’s the effort, too, with this initiative. The campaign will include raising awareness about the social cause of supporting the elderly, offering relevant information, connecting with NGOs and offering a shared forum for people to communicate with them, and sharing stories of volunteers to encourage others to take action.”

“It is important to consider and resolve the medical, psychological and social needs of elderly people whose daily lives are interrupted and who are most likely to feel distressed and powerless. Simple action like checking on them to see if they need something and taking action to help them make a huge difference. All of this must, of course, be done in compliance with the guidelines of COVID-19, as established by the local authorities. It is time, however, to give back to our elders who have sheltered and driven us in the right direction. Each little move or action you take to help them make a big difference. We therefore call on everyone to join the movement and be a catalyst for progress with Iss Baar #BadonKeLiye JaagoRe, “says Puneet Das, Vice President Marketing, Beverages India, at Tata Consumer Products.

The project is also funded by influencers, NGOs and senior management experts. Log on to www.jaagore.com to learn more, such as advice for the elderly (and how aid can be extended), get in contact with NGOs and pledge your support to help the elderly.

Barkha Verma

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