These are the 8 reasons why you should visit Alwar.

These are the 8 reasons why you should visit Alwar.

Situated in the lap of lush green Aravalli hills, this town has roots tracing back to 1500BC that provides you a royal vibe.  From royal royal palaces to historical temples, Alwar is the town where you are able to unravel and go through the history of the royals of Rajasthan.A visit to Alwar feels just like a trip back in time.  We’ve curated a listing of 8 magnificent places to go to in Alwar which will guarantee a fun-packed holiday with your nearest and dearest.  Take a look!

1. Bala Quila

This destination is among the most well-known tourist destinations.  This is only one of the oldest constructions in town that stretches around 5 kilometers and takes approximately two hours to finish entirely.

2. City Palace

Constructed by Raja Bakhtayar Singh at 1873, the palace constructed of 15 towers helped by 51 smaller towers with mirror function on the ceiling and walls. 

3. Siliserh Lake

Among the very peaceful and surprisingly gorgeous weekend escape places, this magnificent lake is an elegant place to unwind and sail.  There is a lavish Siliserh Lake Palace on the banks of this lake That’s handled by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC).  

4. Sariska Tiger Reserve

Located about 36km from Alwar, this is one of the favorite places to see near Alwar.  With lush grasslands and evanescent woods, this rugged cliffed refuge is spread throughout the region of 850 square kilometers. 

5. Vijay Mandir Palace  

Built by Maharaja Jai Singh in 1918, this gorgeous palace is created in the form of a ship.  Adjoined with Vijay Sagar Lake, the palace features of 105 rooms with a stunning view.  On the other hand, the interiors of the palace aren’t open for public visits since it’s still beneath the Alwar Royal Family. 

6. Bhangarh Fort

If you’re a horror-lover, adventure-seeker soul, then that location should definitely be on your bucket listing.  Known for its spooky pursuits and paranormal events, Bhangarh is regarded as among the most haunted areas in town.   

7. Fateh Jung Gumbad

This five-storeyed mesmerizing tomb in the 18th century has been a combined architectural blend of Rajasthan and Mughal royalty.  With complex carvings, opulent domes, and large minarets, this area is one of the very best tourist attractions of Alwar. 

8. Garbhaji Waterfall

Surrounded by lush green valleys and picturesque mountains, the ravishing perspective of this gorgeous waterfall will certainly leave you mesmerized.  This stunning place is frequently visited by photography fans and nature lovers.     

Barkha Verma

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