Top 10 food bloggers in Delhi

Top 10 food bloggers in Delhi

Food blogging has become quite common as more and more foodies open their own blog to share with the readers their food voyage. However, a fresh trend has begun where individuals on Instagram have begun sharing drool-worthy photos of their food for everyone to see and enjoy. We all understand that social media is one of the biggest instruments for sharing information, and some of these food lovers seem to have made the most of it.

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1. Karan Dua (dilsefoodie)

Karan Dua began his food voyage a couple of years ago when he began going on food walks, testing events, etc. He’s a large foodie who likes to consume distinct types of cuisine and so he began his own blog and Dil se foodie’s Instagram page to display all the restaurants, activities, food walks, etc. that he hosted or attended along with reviews to assist readers to decide if a food location is worth it. He now has a multi-member team to curate activities, foodie and blogger meetings, organize food walks, and so on, and their Instagram page bears witness to it.

2. Sarah Hussain (zingyzest)

Sarah Hussain is another top-class food curator on her Instagram account zingyzest who shares incredible food objectives. She is a great time foodie and food critic who was directly on the Zomato Leadership at No. 1 for six months when she was only 20 years old. On her website you will discover a wide range of food articles where she exhibits various kinds of cuisine she attempts every day. Some of the food posts on her Instagram account are ultimate and will enable you to meet significant food objectives.

3. Sukrit Jain and Kashish Jain (thegreatindianfoodie)

Sukrit Jain and Kashish Jain, two brothers, they are Instagram stars sharing their incredible photographic food adventures and each weekend they review delicious food products. Only a broad variety of lip-smacking dishes fill their entire Instagram feed. They explore Delhi and its beautiful food every weekend.

4. Shivesh Bhatia (Bakewithshivesh)

Shivesh is one of Delhi’s most famous food bloggers who began his enthusiasm for baking when he was only in the 11th standard. He has been posting for a long time on his Instagram account incredible pictures of desserts and baked goods, prepared by him, and now has around 1 82k follower with over 1,975 food posts. He enjoys to bake cookies, cakes, and other desserts and from his Instagram pictures, you can see it obviously.

5. Paresh Gupta (khatarahemeradil)

Paresh Gupta is an enthusiastic restaurant that really loves good food and can consume a broad variety of cuisines from spicy Aloo Tikki Chats to warm Paranthas and Chole Bhature piping. He’s a big fan of Delhi’s food and says it’s the ultimate paradise for all food junkies out there as it provides customers with a variety of cuisines and dishes. Street food, kebabs, continental and so on can be found here, making it the ideal place for anyone who enjoys food.

6. Hina Bisht (funfoodandfrolic)

Hina Bisht is another top food blogger and Delhi-based Instagrammer who will leave you stunned and drooling over her wonderful creations. Hina is based in Gurugram and is a food blogger, food stylist, as well as a food advisor. She likes to prepare food and try fresh ingredients, but she likes to style her food and then photograph it, which is obvious from her Instagram account.

7. Nikita Aggarwal (agirlwithfork)

Nikita Aggarwal is a travel and food enthusiast and her Instagram account, agirlwithfork, often clicks and shares incredible pictures of her food and travel trips. She reviews food products from various restaurants and food stalls and posts incredible photos of her conquests on the Instagram account that will surely make you want to be there too.

8. Sidhant Ahuja (delhifoodblogger)

Another inspirational Delhi-based food blogger and Instagrammer is Sidhant Ahuja, who has shared photos of his food trip through the food blog since 2015. He enjoys eating and reviewing food and has begun it as a standard hobby as he enjoyed eating out a lot.

9. Karan Tripathi (karanfoodfanatic)

Another top-notch food blogger, Karan Tripathi, began his gastronomic voyage back sometime and owns an Instagram account and a website to share his voyage with others. He enjoys gorging on food and can eat from anywhere from a roadside seller to a good dine restaurant as soon as he has some delicious products. He’s enthusiastic about food, so he often cooks his own creations as well, but mostly he enjoys going to fresh food locations to try and review distinct meals.

10. Natasha Minocha (tashaartisanfoods)

Another Food blogger with her incredible food page who has taken over Instagram is Natasha Minocha who has her own food company in Delhi and utilizes Instagram as a promotional media. Her whole Instagram page is full of delicious food products such as croissants, ice creams, cookies, brownies, etc. Trust me, open any of her Instagram pictures and you’ll be blown away by the photograph and just look at it will feel drool trickling out of your mouth.

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