Top Honeymoon Destinations in The World

Top Honeymoon Destinations in The World

Top Honeymoon Destinations in The World. The day you get married is one of the best days of your life. While that holds true for most, I would say that your honeymoon should also be equally special, just like your wedding day. The concept of celebrating one’s honeymoon has been over-hyped and has various sets of notions stuck to it! Deciding upon a destination could be confusing, but if you segregate your mindset depending on what kind of vacation you would like as a couple. then planning a holiday isn’t so difficult.

Your honeymoon is always going to remain special. Thus, putting it in perspective and for an easier understanding, there are three categories wherein honeymoons could be segregated: The Adventurous Honeymoon, The Relaxed Honeymoon, The Explorative Honeymoon Once you know the category you fit into the planning process falls in place automatically. Here are some of the best places that you should visit and could be opted for as a honeymoon destination.


The Adventurous Honeymoon is for those who love the thrill of adventures and most importantly to be exploring the same activity with your loved one.

1. NEW ZEALAND: From vast and beautiful landscapes to the perfect weather, delicious food and most importantly a hub for adventure sports, New Zealand is the perfect destination if you are seeking the thrill of a sky-dive, the adrenaline rush of a bungee-jump or the fresh breath of air on a zip-line! With both North & South of New Zealand having ample places to visit the country wouldn’t fall short of options for sure. New Zealand could be visited best between February to April while the weather is perfect and the peak season is low which gives you cities that are non-crowded and prices that are comparatively cheaper.

2. ANTARCTICA: One might raise an eyebrow while reading through the option of Antarctica. But I must tell you that it is one of the best places that a human eye could see. This option is worth every penny but one needs to be mentally and physically prepared for a trip to Antarctica. The no-country zone is a snow.heaven with tonnes of icebergs, friendly penguins, lumpy sea-lions and massive blue-whales which will not only make you have a trip of a lifetime but also give you an experience which no other place in the world may be able to give you. The best option is to choose a trip with professionals from National Geographic that takes you on their cruise and performs interesting scientific expeditions. This trip is definitely a slight hole-burner to the pocket but a lifetime opportunity.

The Relaxed Honeymoon

The Relaxed Honeymoon is for those who love to relax in style, be in the moment, explore a few activities and spend a romantic time with their partner.

1. FRENCH POLYNESIA: If there is an island in the world that is the least commercial. it would be Bora. As compared to the Fiji Islands. I would prefer Bora as a destination especially for the occasion of your honeymoon. From crystal clear waters, soft white sand, beautiful orange sunsets and most importantly the experience of staying in a water-bungalow with waves playing as background music, the islands are perfect. The best time to visit Bora is between October to January which is off-peak and offers privacy due to fewer crowds thus making it ideal for honeymooners.

2.CRUISE HOLIDAYS: Cruise honeymoons are a perfect blend of relaxation and being able to explore new places as well. personally recommend The Royal Caribbean Cruise which is known for its impact cable quality of service, ample of onboard activities to engage their guests and most importantly several cruises that visit different parts of the world during different seasons. My pro-tip would be to try and choose booking holiday on Harmony of the Seas’ which is the biggest cruise in the world and is by Royal Caribbean.

Here Are Top Honeymoon Destinations in The World

1.THE UNITED KINGDOM: Choosing London as the perfect honeymoon destination (also my favourite city in the world) is the best option. With the city being busy as ever and a host to millions of activities within it. One could never be able to finish everything. From museums to parks and from touristy spots to older towns which are merely a train ride away, your time spent in London will be magical. The best off-beat time to visit London is at Christmas when the city is decorated.

2.ITALY: Choosing among all the cities within Italy, the best three remain to be Rome, Venice & Florence which are truly rich in their history beautiful to the eyes, skillfully intact with their specialty in leather goods and hosts a variety of delicious cuisines and wines. The country is a heaven for tourists who appreciate history and is a marathon track for visitors who love walking tours. This is the Top Honeymoon Destinations in The World. The best season to visit Italy is between September to November which is weather perfect and has less crowds.

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