What women expect from men?

What women expect from men?

What women expect from men? Tall, dark, handsome, were the main criteria demanded and expected by a woman for the man she would like to spend her life with. However, many men feel that women, at times, expect a little too much in terms of what they want in a man. Be it physical appearance, behavioral traits or personality attributes, women can’t stop asking for more!

Several studies have been conducted which have shed light on the qualities that women look for in their Prince Charming and most girls tend to stick to these parameters when it comes to making their choice. Whether it’s the intelligence of a man, the tone of his voice, romantic nature, precious property, dancing abilities, etc., females tend to relate to these characteristics and select the best from the lot. But this has changed now as females become financially autonomous and expect a lot more in life than ever before.

Fun and interesting
Fun and interesting

Changing lifestyles, changing attitudes among society and the way women are perceived today has given women a lot of independence to choose the kind of mind she likes. Rich, mature, good sense of humor, understanding, and well educated: are these qualities enough or women want more? Do women expect something more? What DOES a woman want? Isn’t this one of the most challenging questions of all time? We thought to know “what men want” was difficult, but what women want is even harder to find out.

But there are a few basic requirements that a man should have to be able to be at level with his woman.

Intelligent – A woman would love to date a man who is intelligent because she feels an intelligent man is the one with whom she can have healthy conversations and allows her to express and widen her horizons. It’s not only while talking to her, but also during the moments of lovemaking that a man has to be intelligent. A study confirmed that when it comes to picking a bed-mate, both for one-night stands and long-term relationships, women prefer intelligent men to dumb asses.

Be expressive and romantic – A simple recipe to win a woman’s heart is to give her loads of attention and keep the romance alive at all times. Women love men who communicate and express their affection for her well and in different ways. Silent men are no for most women. Women want men who have clarity of emotions and can very well express them to her. Women like men who surprise them especially when they least expect it. Unpredictable dates, lovely notes, messages, surprise visits, unexpected gifts are what consist of every woman’s dreams of the man of her life.

Fun and interesting – This can be a tricky one You can be fun and interesting for your friends but if your woman feels bored with you then surely she wouldn’t want to move ahead with you. A woman wants a man who is fun to be with unpredictable to an extent when she feels a thrill in being with him and also the very thought of her man would bring a smile to her face. She would prefer someone who takes care of her likings while introducing her to new ways of having fun.

Flirting and Sense of humor – A woman enjoys the company of a man who has a good sense of humor. A man who keeps her in splits with his jokes is a sure shot winner. A guy who takes efforts to make her woman smile is what every woman wants and just adores. Also, she would want a guy who laughs at her jokes and incorporates his sense of humor to add to the laughter.

Sexual Attraction – For a woman to be involved with a man for long term sexual attraction is a must. She should feel a sense of attraction to her man for the relationship to move on smoothly. And a man who performs well in bed is an added advantage for her. Sexual attraction definitely is based on good looks but women are known to be unpredictable and it will be difficult to guess what attracts her sexually. This can be good looks, or his habits or just his presence. A man has to be smart enough to know his woman to find out what attracts her sexually.

Confident – Men who are confident of themselves. A woman should feel secure with her man and she can feel so only if the man is confident about himself. Men who are confident about their career, grounded about their upbringing and ready to take on challenges in life is what every woman wants. A man who stands like a rock to any situation in life is what makes him dependable. These are the men whom a woman can rely on at all times.

Chivalrous – A man who has etiquettes and knows how to treat women is always preferred. Opening the door for her helps her shop walls on the right side of the road are some of the basic manners that a woman expert in bed man.

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