WTC GIFT City Resumes the Construction Work

WTC GIFT City Resumes the Construction Work

Following the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Home Affairs, WTC GIFT City has recently resumed its construction work. Even with a limited number of workers, the world-renowned company WTC GIFT City is all set up and looks forward to speeding up work soon.

Mr. Ashish Arora, Director-Distribution, Viridian RED said, “The decision to restart construction work had come as a great respite for the real estate market. We’re glad to be able to resume work here. Adequate sanitization services, mandatory face masks, crowd control, etc. have been implemented on-site and controlled to ensure that all standard precautionary protocols are followed.”

Thus maintaining safe and comfortable housing for all staff, the organization has installed insulation shelters on site. In addition to promoting daily food supplies and medical monitoring, the organization is also raising awareness among staff about maintaining social differences while at work.

Barkha Verma

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